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It's hard to prioritize yourself in this crazy world, so the body + mind method is here to help you put yourself first through nourishment and accountability.


Welcome to the body + mind method!


I'm Brooke Hackworth and I am a certified nutritionist with a passion for food + fitness.


I grew up constantly weighing myself and was always worried about what I looked like. I drank slim fast in high school because I was so self conscious.


Then, during college I was constantly eating fast food and all the coffee+cream+sugar you could imagine. Right after college I realized I wanted to clean up my eating habits and change my lifestyle. I went super clean and barely ate out because I was worried the food was not clean.


I've been on both sides of the spectrums which is why I know how important a healthy balance truly is. This program is designed for those who want to help get keep the weight off, heal your body, feel your best, all while still enjoying your favorite things. Enter > the body + mind method.

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