Brooke Ligotti​​

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about me

After years of being unsatisfied in my daily routine, I realized the only way out was to follow my heart. I have always loved sharing my knowledge of health with others and hope to help as many people I can in my journey as a Health Coach. 

Although my lifestyle now is a healthy one, it wasn't always that way. During college, I worked full-time and didn't exactly have the means or knowledge to eat healthy. I lived for fast food and making the easiest and cheapest food possible. It wasn't until my last year in college (which was ten years ago) that things really clicked.


I started watching documentaries about food and studying on my own time. I was always curious about why I always had a headache and why my stomach always hurt. I completely turned my life around. I started cooking more and paying attention to what I put in my body knowing that it had a huge effect on how I would look and feel. I started working out even more because I wanted that all around healthy balance. What a difference! I felt and still feel amazing!


This journey was not an easy one and it took a LOT of patience. Nothing comes overnight. You have to WANT it, you have to work really HARD for it, you have to give up a lot in order to gain even more. But TRUST me, it is the most rewarding thing ever if you just give it a chance.


As your Fitness and Nutrition Coach, I will help you renew your perspective on health, become confident in your nutrition decisions, and live the healthy life you deserve.